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Women On The Edge

Studies of Women on the Edges of the Bible Stories We Think We Know

Teaching Series by Stacie Forest

The Women who stood by Jesus
Loyal, humble, faithful, courageous, obedient – the female followers of Jesus saw what others did not see, responded to Jesus’ call, and did not hold back their devotion.

Sarah & Hagar
A closer look at the stories of both Sarah and Hagar – women who are seen, protected, and fulfilled by God.

Rachel & Leah
Two women in a family soap opera of manipulation, jealousy, anger, and dysfunction. But within the brokenness, sorrow, and despair of these two women, we can find hope, and possibly even a happy ending.

Tamar and Potiphar’s Wife
Women who used seduction to get what they wanted, but one is called righteous and the other called wicked. There is more to these stories than meets the eye.

Deborah and Jael
Deborah was a Prophet, Judge, Military Leader, and songwriter. Jael is described much more simply. She was a wife and she had a hammer.
But what these two accomplished changed the history of a nation.

She was picked on and dismissed and falsely accused and even got “mansplained” a bit, but the moment when she felt seen and heard by God changed everything.

The most infamous of all the female Bible figures, some believe her to be the embodiment of evil sensuality, witchcraft, hatred of male authority, manipulation, and even refer to “the Jezebel spirit” as a demonic stronghold in the minds of people.
Was she eaten by dogs for good reason or was she simply a misunderstood queen?

Athalia and Jehosheba
The wicked queen, a courageous princess, and a little prince … this story has all the elements of a Hollywood movie.
These two women made quick decisions (one for her own self interests and the other for someone else) that affected a nation.

A deacon and trusted deliverer of the message to the Romans by Paul.
Women like Phoebe and Junia and Lydia and many others who were Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers changed the world with the Gospel, and continue to change it today

The Potter and the Clay

“We are the clay, and you are our potter.
All of us are the work of your hand.” ~Isaiah 64:8

Teaching Series by Stacie Forest

1 – God, our Creator
A look at who God is as our Creator.

2 – We are the Clay
Clay is a perfect metaphor for who we are as God’s creation; pliable and able to become beautiful vessels.

3 – Pressure
Just like clay must undergo constant pressure on the potter’s wheel, the disciple Peter is an example of how we are being shaped and molded by God, our Master Potter.

4 – Fire
Fire is the final stage for a potter in creating a vessel, and it is a great metaphor for how the Master Potter strengthens us to be used for His purposes.

5 – Small Things
In Matthew 13:31-33, Jesus tells two parables about very small things that have a huge effect
In pottery, very small things can also have a big effect. 

The Potter and the Clay - Resources

Women, Break Free!

Loved and empowered by God to serve however the Holy Spirit leads us

Teaching Series by Stacie Forest

1 – Does God Like Boys Better Than Girls?
Women – Are they the weaker sex? Does God intend for them to be subordinate to men? Why is this issue important?

2 – What Does It Mean To Be Human?
A deep dive into Genesis 1-3 to look at how Eve was created as the Ezer Kenegdo/rescuer/necessary ally for Adam, and to connect with God and be His image on the earth.

3 – WDWD (What Did Women Do)
A look at some of the powerful women of the Old Testament who did not sit at home and keep silent.

4 – Jesus and Women
The relationship Jesus had with the many women who were a part of His earthly ministry.

5 – Paul and Women
The relationship Paul had with the women who were a part of his ministry.

6 – Power Up!
Women as superheroes.
And how 1 Timothy 2 is used to put women into ungodly subjugation.

7 – Who’s the Boss?
The myth of “headship”, Ephesians 5, and the truth of equality in marriage.

8 – The Bible Translations Game
How Bible translations are manipulated to promote the patriarchal agenda.

9 – Purity Culture
How Evangelical Purity Culture movement has effected women.

10 – Rizpah, faithful protector
A brief discussion on Divorce and the effects of religious language on those in abusive marriages. And a look at the story of Rizpah, a woman who continued to protect her family through the trauma of grief.

11 – Woman of Valor
What is the “Woman of Valor” in Proverbs 31? A physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally strong woman.

12 – Genesis 3~The Fall
Genesis 3:16 is a verse many use to tell women they must be in permanent submission to men. We take a look at the truth behind what God was saying to Eve.

13 – Vashti, Esther, and Identity
Both Vashti and Esther confronted the wrongs they encountered but each did it in their own way.  How do you find your Identity and courage to confront the wrongs happening to you or others?

14 – Martha~Friend of Jesus
The story of Martha is an amazing transformation of one who discovered the friendship, love, and power of a savior, and became one of the most powerful voices that we see in the Gospels.

15 – Zipporah-Problem Solver
With the flick of a knife, Zipporah saved her husband Moses from God’s anger. She understood her husband’s call, as well as the love and mercy of God, and in that moment connected them both. Her discernment, courage, and action saved Moses and the Hebrew nation.

16 – The Potter and the Clay
A look at what it means to be clay in the hands of the Master Potter.

17 – Abigail
Her brains and courage saved her household and a future king.

18 – Mary & Elizabeth
The pure prophetic power that happens when these two meet up is possibly the most profound relationship connection we can read about in our Bible.


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The “Difficult” Passages
1 Timothy 2:12 – Can women be pastors, preachers, teachers in church?
Ephesians 5:22-23 – Are husbands the “head” of the wife?
1 Corinthians 14:34-35 – Are women allowed to teach in church?
Genesis 3:16 – A woman’s desire
What to say when someone says ‘Wives are to submit’

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• Who was Mary:: video clip

What We Believe
Why We Believe It
What to Do with It

Digging Deeper to find Answers to the Tough Questions

Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.
~1 Peter 3:15

1 – Why study Apologetics

2 – Evidence for Existence of God
Cosmological Argument

3 – Evidence for Existence of God
Fine-Tuning, Design and Moral Arguments

4 – Worldviews

5 – The Reliability of the Bible

6 – Evidence for Jesus
Archaeology, Miracles, Prophecies

7 – Evidence for the Resurrection

8 – Holy Spirit

9 – The Weird and Difficult Bible

10- Homosexuality and Sexual Identity
A very basic look at what current evangelical Christianity says about homosexuality and sexual identity, how Jesus wants us to love, and how the next generation is looking at these issues.


• One Minute Apologist
Red Pen Logic 
• The Bible Project
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Drive Thru History
• Cold-Case Christianity


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Mary Jo Sharp
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Exploring My Strange Bible 


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Robert Heidler – Experiencing the Spirit
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Darwin’s Doubt and the Case for Intelligent Design 

For Parents::
65 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Parent Needs to Learn to Answer
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Who Is Gen Z   

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