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Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.
~1 Peter 3:15

Women, Break Free!

1 – Does God Like Boys Better Than Girls?
Women – Are they the weaker sex? Does God intend for them to be subordinate to men? Why is this issue important?

2 – What Does It Mean To Be Human?
A deep dive into Genesis 1-3 to look at how Eve was created as the Ezer Kenegdo/rescuer/necessary ally for Adam, and to connect with God and be His image on the earth.

3 – WDWD (What Did Women Do)
A look at some of the powerful women of the Old Testament who did not sit at home and keep silent.

4 – Jesus and Women
The relationship Jesus had with the many women who were a part of His earthly ministry.

5 – Paul and Women
The relationship Paul had with the women who were a part of his ministry.

6 – Power Up!
Women as superheroes.
And how 1 Timothy 2 is used to put women into ungodly subjugation.

7 – Who’s the Boss?
The myth of “headship”, Ephesians 5, and the truth of equality in marriage.

Apologetics -
What We Believe

1 – Why study Apologetics

2 – Evidence for Existence of God
Cosmological Argument

3 – Evidence for Existence of God
Fine-Tuning, Design and Moral Arguments

4 – Worldviews

5 – The Reliability of the Bible

6 – Evidence for Jesus
Archaeology, Miracles, Prophecies

7 – Evidence for the Resurrection

8 – Holy Spirit

9 – The Weird and Difficult Bible

10- Homosexuality and Sexual Identity
A very basic look at what current evangelical Christianity says about homosexuality and sexual identity, how Jesus wants us to love, and how the next generation is looking at these issues.


• One Minute Apologist
Red Pen Logic 
• The Bible Project
• Ten Commandments
Drive Thru History
• Cold-Case Christianity


• Lee Strobel
• C.S. Lewis
Mary Jo Sharp
• Scot McKnight

• Natasha Crain
Alisa Childers
Exploring My Strange Bible 


• Dr. Stephen Meyer – Signature in the Cell
• Dr. William Lane Craig – Creation Out of Nothing
• Nancy Pearcey – Love Thy Body
• Sean McDowell – So the Next Generation Will Know 
• Scot McKnight – The Blue Parakeet
Robert Heidler – Experiencing the Spirit
• Alisa Childers – Another Gospel? A Response to Progressive Christianity
• Beth Allison Barr – The Making of Biblical Womanhood

Darwin’s Doubt and the Case for Intelligent Design 

For Parents::
65 Apologetics Questions Every Christian Parent Needs to Learn to Answer
• Book:: Cold Case Christianity for Kids 
• Book:: Natasha Crain – Talking with Your Kids About God
• Books:: Melissa Cain Travers – Young Defenders series
• Books:: Dr. Craig series
• Article:: Discipling our kids
Who Is Gen Z   

• Video:: Why Talk About Faith, Gender and Culture? 
• Short Articles:: The Junia Project 
• Short Articles:: Marg Mowzcko
• YouTube::  Why have women been silenced in the Church?
• Video::: Why women should be church leaders and preachers
• Book Excerpt:: The Making of Biblical Womanhood
• History::  The Danvers Statement 
• Article:: Calling out sexual harrassment: The implications of complementarianism 
• Blog:: God as Father and Mother
• 1 Timothy 2:12 – Articles
• Article:: How Gender Roles Contribute to Abuse 
Egalitarianism: The Big Picture
Ephesians 5:22-23 in a Nutshell 

The Difficult Parts of the Bible
• Article::   Why did God punish the Canaanites for child sacrifice, when He personally ORDERED Abraham to do it? 
• Blog posts:: The Bible is Pretty Weird 
• Video series:: Character of God

Difficult Topics::  Sex and Gender Issues
• 9 Essays: Scot McKnight, Jesus and Homosexuality
• Letter:: J.K. Rowling on Sex and Gender Issues
• Article: How to Make Moral Decisions
• NT Wright Podcast:: Christian sexual ethics, homosexuality and transgender
• Video:: NT Wright – Biblical perspective on homosexuality
• Book:: When Harry Became Sally, Ryan T. Anderson 
• Book:: A War of Loves, David Bennett
• Website:: Revoice
• Video:: Christians and the LGBTQ Conversation

Holy Spirit
• Article:: Presence of God
Podcast:: Holy Spirit

• Article:: Is there evidence for Jesus outside the Bible?
• Article:: Resurrection evidence
• List:: 9 evidences for the Resurrection 
• YouTube series:: Mike Licona 
• Article:: 9 reasons Jesus is called Passover Lamb 

Bible Reliability
• Article::  The Bible Was Not Written To You
• List: Books on the Reliability of the Bible 

Worldviews Comparison Chart
• Podcast: How to Teach Your Kids about Non-Christian Worldviews

Creation Science
• YouTube:
   Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution
     Vol 1

     Vol 2
     Vol 3

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Image of God

Why Talk About Faith, Gender, and Culture?

Character of God

Did God really command all the Canaanites be killed?

God :: The complex unity of the triune God

Holy Spirit

Did Jesus rise from the dead?

Is Jesus the Passover lamb?

Are all religions basically the same?

The Case for Christ

Major Worldviews

An Introduction to Worldviews

The Fine-Tuning of the Universe

Social Darwinism


The Moral Argument

Bombardier Beetle Defies Evolution

Why are the Dead Sea Scrolls so Important?

The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Part 1: Scientific

The Kalam Cosmological Argument
Part 2: Philosophical