My interest in pottery began as I took a little pottery class at our church community center. I’ve always loved working with my hands and instantly fell in love with the clay and all that it offered.  I quickly found myself going beyond the simple projects our teacher gave, usually attempting things way beyond my skill level; trying sculpture and large functional pieces.  But clay is cheap and I didn’t let my many failures stop me.  When our teacher began offering wheel-throwing lessons I jumped at it, but as usual, I tried to go too fast.  Wheel throwing is not as forgiving, so my frustrations grew quickly.  After a month or two of trying, I was ready to give up and go back to simple hand-building.  After a sleepless night of frustration, I told myself to give it one more try and, miraculously, I hit a whole new level.  Even though those early bowls were pretty basic, I am so thankful I pushed through.

So the addiction continues.  I can’t seem to stick with just one type of pottery because every time I see something new I have to try it. So on this site you will see functional pieces like mugs, and bowls, and platters, as well as chubby ladies in swimsuits or motorcycle and bear sculptures.

I’m known for making functional pottery FUN. Exciting color combinations, as well as abstract sculptures and animal pieces, will put a smile on your face. And I love that eating off handmade plates instead of paper, and using wheel-thrown mugs instead of styrofoam, encourages sustainable living. Pottery inspires us to slow down, enjoy a meal, a good conversation, and hopefully a laugh or two with family and friends.

I graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of North Texas in 1989.  My minor was Photography and I have spent most of my artistic life taking photos and video; particularly sports.  But now, pottery is the artistic outlet I didn’t know I needed. I live in Denton, Texas and if you ask me about pottery you might as well sit down because I’m going to be awhile.

Email me at stacie@forestfired.com

Instagram – @Forest_Fired